Friday, October 23, 2009

Salem Jail Video (replay)

This is an old video of mine, but I like to promote it every now and then.  It’s a shortened version of a 60-minute video I produced on the Salem Jail, shortly before it was sold to developers.

There are other videos from people who’ve broken into the Jail, but I feel mine is the only one with any respect for the building and what it really was.  They didn’t hang witches here.  And it wasn’t a place for “psychic experiments”, either.

I’d love to have the whole video online someday.  For now it airs on SATV occasionally.


Barnstormer said...

Hi David,

I was doing a little research on Salem and stumbled upon your blog. I am making my first trip to Salem next weekend for a work trip (I travel for the Chocolate Milk: Official Drink of Halloween Tour - we are doing a free Halloween event at the Children's Museum of Easton) and going to Salem for Halloween.

I really enjoyed the information on your blog and after my visit I plan to write an article on my blog about my experiences in Salem complete with photos and a link to your blog.

Check out my blog:

If you want, I can do a guest blog post on your blog chronicling my day in Salem from a fresh, Midwest perspective. Just an idea. OR- would you mind posting a link to my blog and/or adding me to your blogroll. I hope to stay in touch with you and will continue to read your blog.

I look forward to hearing from you,David!


April Rueber

docspond said...

Do you have any video of the tunnels behind the boiler?
<a href=">Salem Smugglers Tour</a>