Saturday, October 31, 2009

It’s Halloween Today!

Crossing the street in front of the Bewitched Statue

It’s begun!

At this time of day, this is a family event, and the crowd’s reflecting that so far.  I didn’t see the LaRouchites today, which I’m glad for, nor have I seen some of the more edgier people one sees at night.  Then again, I haven’t walked through many areas today such as Salem Common and the “Haunted Village”.

I’m concentrating on the concert and fireworks tonight.  The stage was being set up when I walked by:

The concert stage for tonight.

I’m going to set up near District Court, crowd permitting.  My personal camera and tripod are much smaller than SATV’s so I won’t be noticed.  I did get appropriate attire:

T-Shirt:  "Bewitched in Salem"

See you tonight!

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Boston Video Production said...

Here's a great Salem Halloween 2009 video from Halloween night. Thought you might enjoy.