Monday, October 16, 2017

Returning to the blog

Pamplemousse, a French-themed kitchen shop in the middle of Downtown Salem.
After a long time, in Internet terms, I talked myself into blogging again.

When I posted my last blog entry, after my dear friend Charlie Reardon passed away, I was well and truly burned out.  I've always been a pessimist about the city I live in, always cynical.  As a "Masshole" (and proud of it!), I have always been obsessed with local politics.  That is both very good, and very bad.

I still sit on the Commission on Disabilities;  in fact, David Martel and I are presently the most senior members, having been appointed 10 years ago this summer.

I've been on Facebook in the interim--I still am, in fact--but I've found that I miss posting photos and events, and not all of my friends are on Facebook.

I also found new activities to take up, which I want to share here.
I don't intend to change the blog very much.  I still hate talking about national politics, now even more so.  I do talk about local politics, when it interests me.  (Despite what one would think, I have always been politically involved, voting since 1984. )

I'll talk about disability issues, Salem photos, some local politics, and whatever new thing I have found this week.

À bientot! (See you soon!)