Friday, May 15, 2009

2nd Anniversary for A Salem Blog

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of this blog.  I started blogging a construction project in my neighborhood, Salem's Last Road, and it’s fitting that I am now blogging another construction project right next door.  (Salem Jail Renovation—Finally!)

The groundbreaking was yesterday.  I wanted much to be there and take video, but I had SATV business get in the way.

Whatever I think of the project, it’ll be beautiful.  It already looks better now that the old inner fence is gone.  I’m looking forward to the day the barbed wire goes away.  The Jail and the small pocket park between Howard and St. Peter complement each other very well.

Unfortunately, as my blog continues, another blog I regularly read is no more.  Salem Politics is defunct;  its proprietors took a leave of absence for health reasons, and now the blog is gone.

They were the blog that North Shore Sunday confused with mine in their story on blogging.  It was an embarrassing mistake but the proprietors of Salem Politics were nice about it and hoped I’d get some traffic out of it.

There was no love lost between Salem Politics and the denizens of Salemweb, but I’ll still miss the blog.  There is a crying need for local journalism, yet what we have faces an uncertain future.  I’ve enjoyed writing this blog, but I’m not a journalist.

But as long as I’m in Salem, I’m still blogging.  I’ll love it if my third anniversary was a blog about the new Salem Depot, or the courthouse or even a new playground on the Common for kids with disabilities.


Anonymous said...

Wondering if you've been following what's going on with the St. Mary's church. Are they convering it to housing? Can they do that? What's the latest over there...

David Moisan said...

The church is going to be an arts center and the rectory will be housing, according to the Salem News:

Andrea Shea King said...

Hi David,

My name is Andrea and I grew up in Salem. My mother lives in an apartment across the street from the old Salem Jail. I've lived in Florida for 27 yrs, but Salem has a special place in my heart. I also have a blogsite and have posted several photo essays of Salem.

I am delighted to find your blog, and will add it to my blogroll. You can be sure I'll return for a visit (for a spell!) often.

You can find me at
The Radio Patriot

Come on by and say Hi!

All the best,