Monday, May 18, 2009

Salem Commission on Disabilities: Disaster Preparedness

Salem Commission on Disability March 2009 2009-03-17 013

Passing this along from Andy:

Hello Commissioners, as I wrote to you this morning, the Salem Board of Health is concerned about the ability of Salem handling the disabled community in the event of an emergency. At this point, the Board is concerned about the flu that is spreading around the United States. I have a call for Janet Mancini, the acting Director of the Board of Health to set up a meeting on this topic. I am planning to invite Janet Mancini as a guest to our next Commission meeting to discuss this. It is extremely important for the Commission to bring any information possible that will help prepare Salem's disabled population for the event of an emergency, not to mention the flu virus.

Also, I have invited one of the spokes peopl of the Disabled Policy Consortium of Mass to bring their wisdom to this topic. I have listened to a sound clip of a presentation, and I believe that those who will listen or, watch SATV's taping of the Commission's May meeting will harvest some outstanding information.


Although the fears over swine flu have subsided, this is always a topical subject as we enter the hurricane season in two weeks.

The Salem Commission on Disabilities meets monthly on the third Tuesday of every month, except August, at 4 PM at Salem Access Television, 285 Derby St., Salem.

This month’s meeting is tomorrow, May 19th.

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