Friday, November 9, 2007

Inaccuracies in North Shore Sunday article about blogging

I was contacted earlier this week by Barbara Taormina about what I thought was my blog. I told her about my work with SATV and the Salem Commission on Disabilities, and that I would be liveblogging the elections from SATV, which I did do.

I read the article this morning, and I really need to make a correction. Ms. Taormina cites my blog at That's not my blog. It's a good blog but it isn't mine. Mine is Of course, I'd wish I'd known about it before the article hit.

I've been trying to reach the proprietor of Salem Politics to give him or her a heads-up but there's no email listed.

I have to wonder just how she found me and whether or not she actually read my blog. I think my name came up somewhere and she found Salem Politics and conflated us both.

Wag the blog - Peabody, MA - North Shore Sunday

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