Monday, November 3, 2008

More on Question One

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I’d thought I had all to say about Question One last week, but a few more tropes have popped up in the news.

We have Prop. 2-1/2!  Property taxes won’t go up if Question One is passed!”

Nelson Benton has expressed this one last Friday.  To which I say:  Naw, Really!?

Cities and towns will see their local aid go down the toilet.  To say nothing will happen is to assume that Kim and her colleagues on the Council will say, “Oh well, we’ll shut down the city!”  It is to assume that citizens will, say, “Yup!  We gotta go without, just like New Hampshire!” when they have to do without elder services or snow removal or the public library.

No, there’ll be override votes.  Often.  In nearly every city and town in Massachusetts.  The rage and discontent will just shift from Beacon Hill to Washington St.  The T will still be broke, if it even runs at all.  Maintenance on state roads?  Bring your own rake and shovel!

A vote for Question One is a vote against the Legislature!  Fire them all!”

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t share the cynicism, what with one state senator who’s been using Maidenform Mutual recently.

But where is there the provision in the bill to abolish The Great and General Court?  To convert the State House to condominiums?  Usually, when that kind of bill is written, it’s for a Latin American caudillo, or Emperor Palpatine.

People have to learn they can’t solve all their problems with government!”

And I say in turn:  Yes.  But admit that when government needs to solve problems for you the citizen, that they cannot do it for nothing.  Question One is just asking the impossible.

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