Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jail project gets extension

Salem Jail

Summer and fall came and went without the promised close on financing and start of the Jail project.  Now it’s delayed again:

SALEM — The Boston developer chosen three years ago to transform the old Salem Jail into residences, a restaurant and a jail exhibit has been given another extension by the Salem Redevelopment Authority.

The deadline for New Boston Ventures to close on the sale of the St. Peter Street site has been moved from this month to the end of February, with construction scheduled to start by the end of March.

It’s been over three years since the Salem Housing Authority sent letters to us on the projected closing of the project, and the end of parking in the small lot next to the Jail.  People still park there, and the old Jail continues to rot away.

If the project dies for good, as is likely in this state, we’ll never know if there was a better developer out there.

Credit crunch hangs up revamp of jail -,

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