Thursday, November 20, 2008

Broken Sidewalks Report for November 2008

Part, I meant all, of our work for the Salem Commission on Disabilities involves sidewalks.  Broken sidewalks are at very best annoying.  At worst, they can hurt.

Outside St. Peter’s Church, St. Peter’s St:

St Peters Church Sidewalk The DPW cone implies that Salem DPW knows about this one already.  Charlie Reardon brought it up at the disability meeting the day before.  [UPDATE:  This is fixed with hot-top.  Presumably it’ll be fixed permanently in the spring.]

100 feet up St. Peter St., in front of St. John’s Rectory:

 St Peter St at St John Rectory

The bump in the sidewalk perhaps caused by the tree root, has dislodged these bricks.

At the Salem District Court parking lot outside Federal St.:

Curbcut at Salem District Court Driveway.

Loose bricks are very dangerous, particularly in the winter.   They can be dislodged by shovels or worse, “eaten” by snowblowers that can hurl them out of their chutes to hit a car or a person.  And in late November, we are on borrowed time for winter.

I’ve sent these pix to Jason Silva.  [Update.  The brickwork outside St. Peter’s Church is in the process of being fixed.]


Anonymous said...

That church NEVER shovels the sidewalk. Much of it is in shade during the Winter and completely iced over. No wonder the bricks suffer.

Anonymous said...

Hi, David.

I'm Ana Gordan, co-chair of the Federal St. Neighborhood Association, nobody put me up to say something. We (or, I) want to help fix these f-in sidewalks. I want to tell you that folks in my neighborhood want bricks. But we want accessibility. Can you help.