Monday, August 18, 2008

Salem’s Last Road: It’s Open!

Two and a half years—and almost 1100 pictures and videos—later, Salem’s Last Road is open!  It didn’t take long after the ceremony, opening around 3:45 PM today.

It has been a long process to record this road in pictures, but a fun one.  It was a great pleasure and I felt a great sense of purpose to document the road.  After all this, the bypass road feels like “my road”.  (If Regina Flynn can have “her” Common…)  It was the inspiration for this blog and one of my spurs towards being more involved in my community.

I only regret not thinking about this sooner, and even more regret not being involved in the public meetings for the road.  There’s a lot I still don’t know about the history of the project, and still much I have to learn about the road, and transportation in Salem in general.  I had hoped to produce a video documentary on the road, but I couldn’t put aside the time to make it work.  Salem’s Last Road would be a great subject for a  history project that I would love to make happen.  Perhaps I will “down the road”.

I’m going to make another post in a few days on what I think the road means for Salem, but this is the end of my regular posts on the road.  Of course, it’s near my house and I love taking photos there, so there’ll be more occasional shots to come.

One last photo for now. 

See a slideshow of "Salem’s Last Road” on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Ahh if only the picture had sound what a different story it would tell.

The devastation of a whole neighborhood by noisy motorcyles, trucks and the constant whizz of traffic keeping you up at night and forcing you to keep all your windows closed. And watching the cars zoom by like an army of ants.....

Anonymous said...

Well its Labor Day weekend and the motorcycles are out full blast! As they raced down the By-Pass road, oh maybe 10 of them all at once,the cheering beer drinking crowd hanging out at the Carlton School cheered them on. So this is what it's come to. No surprise here. The question is what is going to be done to stop it?
I for one keep calling the police, my Rep, senator and councilor and if you can get anyone Mass Highway who is ultimately responsible for this mess!