Monday, August 18, 2008

Salem's Last Road: Ribbon-cutting

Bypass Road Diary 2008-08-18 046, originally uploaded by dmoisan.

Dignitaries cut the ribbon for the new bypass road. I took video and hope to have this online in a few days. The road didn't open immediately afterwards, but it may open around the time you read this.


Anonymous said...

Well if you noticed there weren't many folks there to celebrate and for good reason. A mile drag strip of asphalt through a neighborhood, school and apartments. A sad day for Salem Residents.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone stop to think what its going to be like at the Carlton School next week as they open their windows on the first day? Ever try to keep a room full of elementary students focused - then throw in the distraction of highway noise and pollution! I guess they'll just have to keep the windows closed and nice. Good going Salem and Mass Highway!