Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Salem’s Last Road Almost Complete

Bypass road looking south to downtown

The Bypass Road, Salem’s Last Road, is all but complete.  City Engineer David Knowlton performed a walkthrough with MassHighway officials;  I had hoped to be there myself (in my capacity on the Commission on Disabilities) but it was very, very short notice and we missed each other.

My fellow Commission member had some concerns over the paving on the cross streets along the bike path.  I had wanted to ask about audible voice crossing signals, which were promised for St. Peter St. but no sign of them as yet.

The ugliest part of the road right now is still the dirt pile at Howard St.  No word on that, though the National Grid trucks have gone away so the electrical work might be complete.

The traffic signals are still being adjusted:

Traffic backed up at St. Peter St.

This is an unfortunate traffic backup at St. Peter.  Technicians were adjusting the signal timing at the moment;  I didn’t see how far back it went, but it probably had to go back to Church St. or even Brown St.

And here is the sound barrier at March St:

From the appearance—and the stacks of panels off the frame to the left—this wall is half-done.

An opening ceremony has been set, according to a source of mine.  Details to follow.

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