Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Visit to Salem Jail

My video tour of the Salem Jail is complete. I've put an excerpt up on YouTube, as seen above. It will air on SATV Channel 3 in the next few weeks.

Thanks to Ron Mailionek and Dan Stanwood from the City, and thanks to my colleagues from the Salem Commission on Disabilities for their help, and to SATV for providing the equipment.


The Salem Insider said...

Great informative video, keep up the good work.

MK said...

Great video... I was just in downtown Salem recently and wondered what that spooky old building was... eventually my search led me to your site. I can't believe anyone will want to live there! At least they're going to preserve some of the historical character.
I'm curious about the noise the man in the video talked about. Was the noise from vandals/trespassers or....something else???

radiofreecake said...

Thanks for that vid. I wish they would have turned that old building into a museum. Apartments/Condos don't seem like a good idea. I couldn't imagine raising my kids in an old jail like that. I'm glad it was restored however I don't think that it should have ever been used for a place for people to sleep eat and live. Too much horror existed there.