Monday, May 12, 2008

Construction update on Salem's Last Road

Bypass Road Diary 020, originally uploaded by dmoisan.

At 11:15 this morning on May 12th, the long-anticipated (to me) realignment of Bridge St. towards the new road has taken place. Unlike the Courthouse intersection, there was no notice from the city. Traffic will now move a short distance up the new roadway, seen to the left, and then jog back to Bridge St.

The short section of old Bridge St., seen to the right in the photo, will be closed permanently and made into a pedestrian walkway.

Note that the new traffic signals are turned on, while the old signal in front of the Jail is turned off. Around the time this picture was taken, 11:30 AM, the first red light of what is sure to be many red lights appeared on the new roadway.

I'm still concerned about the pedestrian signals on St. Peter St., and of the sidewalk access during construction of the pedestrian pathway that will now replace the St. Peter to Howard St. section of Bridge St., and I'm already making another round of inquiries about this.

It's nearly the end of the beginning for Salem's Last Road.

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