Friday, February 1, 2008

Voting machines ready for primary

The Salem Gazette reports that everything is ready for the presidential primary on Tuesday. The voting machines they refer to are not the Votemark machines I wrote about last fall, but the devices you slide your ballot into so that they're counted and go into the secure box. Not a lot to go wrong with those.

When I covered the special Council meeting the other night, I saw the Votemarks lined up in the back hallway in City Hall along with piles of ballots, the sure signs of an oncoming vote.

I'm undecided myself as I write this; I was a big Edwards supporter who voted for him in 2004 and wanted to vote for him in 2008. The older I get, the more I've become an angry liberal and I really admired his fight even though he, like almost every politician in the US, is in a "higher" social class than myself and most people. Then again, I liked Tsongas (RIP) and wish Scott Harshbarger would run again for public office.

I'll be there. I'll be cynical the next day but I'll be there.


Catreona said...

A person withdrawing doesn't automatically mean his name is taken off the ballot, does it? Kucinich and Edwards should still be on the ballot, right?

If so, then I'm still voting for Kucinich. I'm tired of never getting to vote for my first choice because they always drop out before Massachusetts' primary. Moving up from March 5 to February 5 didn't solve that problem. And, I'm mad as Hell! Why should the cable news channels and megabusiness select our presidential candidates? As far as I can see, what they have chosen for us is ***NOT*** the best of the bunch. If there weren't a candidate in the Democratic senatorial primary whom I want to vote for, I'd request a Republican ballot and vote for Ron Paul. If everybody who does not support either Obama or Clinton would do that all across the country, we might be able to knock Romney out at last. But, I want to vote for this fellow (confused just now and can't remember if his name is Ed Riely or Ed O'Riely), who's running against the Junior Senator.

David Moisan said...

Kucinich is still on the ballot; I can still cast a vote for Edwards but I'm still undecided.

I think the guy running against Kerry is Jim Ogonowski, who recently ran for the 5th district and lost to Niki Tsongas.

Salem Politics said...

Ed O'Reilly is running against Kerry in the Democratic primary. Jim Ogonowski, who did indeed lose in the special election in the 5th congressional districto to Niki Tsongas, is the only current GOP candidate.