Monday, May 17, 2010

Tavern in the Square has an open sidewalk—In Cambridge!

Downtown Seating Tavern in the Square 2010-05-05 010

Very interesting development in the Tavern in the Square situation:  Apparently, the Tavern’s Cambridge location at Central Square also has a sidewalk running through it—but it’s not closed off, unlike in Salem!

Here it is in Bird’s-eye View:

Map picture

The outdoor seating can just be seen behind the white van in the center of the frame.  I have been to Central Square a number of times before the restaurant was there and I can say it would be virtually impossible to close off that section of street for the restaurant as there is much, much pedestrian traffic passing that point.

The seating seems to most resemble that of Rockafella’s, which makes me wonder all the more how this restriction in Salem came about.

Without speaking for the Commission, I can still say that this is a very interesting development that we will be pursuing for sure.

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