Friday, March 5, 2010

Morency Manor Elevator Update, March 2010

Worker installing elevator door.

The elevator construction in my building continues.  A few days ago, I held the door for a five-man crew wrangling a very large item through the front door.  Later that day, I’m with a neighbor and one of the contractors waiting for the elevator and they get to talking about the work.  That big package I helped get in the building was, as I suspected, the elevator cab.  This has to be assembled on site.  I’ve been trying to find pictures of elevator construction on Bing and Google without much success.

That was the first sign of progress I’d personally seen, though I’ve heard the pounding and construction noises for the past few months.  (My unit is neatly between the old elevator and the new one!)

The elevator shaft was finished in January:

Elevator shaft and machine room, Morency Manor

And the permanent view from my window:

New elevator shaft from my window

According to the contractor (and not an official announcement), the work itself will be done in a few weeks.  A few weeks after that, the elevator will be inspected—there are only two inspectors for the whole state—and presumably open for service after that.  So sometime in mid-April, we’ll be using our new elevator.

After that, the talk is that the old elevator, long prone to breakdowns and stalls, will be replaced.  So the construction noise won’t stop for me.

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