Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Salem Commission on Disabilities: Following up

Market Basket handicapped lot rebuilt

On the Salem Commission on Disabilities, we move at a slower pace than we would want.  There are agenda items that stick around for years, problems that are never really resolved and other issues that recur again and again despite our best efforts.

This week, several items at our last meeting are actually moving forward with good news!

First of these is the handicapped spaces at Market Basket.  The spaces have flooded out in heavy rains.  Last week, the spaces were dug out and releveled.

Market Basket HP Lot work (1)

The end result.

In another development, my friend and colleague Andy LaPointe has good news:

Hello Friends and Commissioners.  I just got a message from the Mayor and she stated that the remaining $1,250.00 needed to launch Project Lifesaver has been committed.  Now, Salem will have that layer of protection needed to save those lives of people that wander and get into harm's way.

This is a great day....

As soon as the training has been completed, I will contact the media to bring proper media coverage...  I will bring you all up to date with any and all updates as soon as I receive it.


Project Lifesaver is, as Andy puts it, “LoJack for People”.  It’s a locating device that’s worn by those who may wander off by themselves, such as Alzheimer’s victims.  Local police that participate in the program have direction-finding equipment, just like LoJack, that helps them quickly find missing people who carry the device.

Andy’s been working hard on getting this established in Salem for quite a few years.  It’s rare that the Commission gets results so quickly, but it is much appreciated.  Andy is getting, and deserving, all our praise!

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