Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Accident on the Bypass Road

Bypass Road 2008-10-08 003, originally uploaded by dmoisan.

The aftermath of the first accident on the bypass road, as a MedFlight helicopter leaves the scene. I didn't see the accident itself, but judging by the scanner traffic, it involved a motorcyclist and was near the bend in the road where it meets Bridge St.

Update: Salem News has the details. It was a motorcyclist with "non-life-threatening" injuries. (Then why the Medflight?) According to several commenters on the Salem News, the motorcyclist was going 80 southbound from Beverly. He hit the bend and went flying. We are supposed to be surprised?

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Geoff said...

C'mon David, why leave out the part about the biker having been pursued by the Beverly police, until they stopped chasing due to the situation being too dangerous? I expect better from you. I don't see how anyone can blame this accident on the road, rather than on the idiot who caused it. If the bypass road wasn't there this idiot would have plowed into the barriers that used to be at the end of the bridge.