Sunday, March 9, 2008

T bus driver forgets to stop

The News reports on a T bus driver who tried to go around traffic on Norman St. and nearly ran into someone pushing a baby carriage.

The driver did not try to stop:

"He said that he couldn't stop because a passenger stood up, and it would have caused the person to fall or be injured if he stopped," [Officer] Rocheville said

The time of the incident was not given, but the bus is almost certainly the 456, 450 or 465, all of which end their trip by going left from Norman St. to the stop at Washington St.  (the old Michaud bus stop) where many people alight. 

A lot of people stand and prepare to get off when the bus approaches Washington at Norman.  Passengers are supposed to stay behind the white line;  most do, some do not.  (I almost always get off further up Washington at the courthouse, but I am polite and don't go up the white line until the bus stops and the door opens.  And I always say please and thank you.)

As one might expect, T drivers have widely varying degrees of competence.  Fortunately, I can count on one hand the number of really bad, rude, insensitive or incompetent T drivers I've encountered.  But I have run into a few drivers who've let the bus drive them rather than the other way around. 

Perhaps I have run into this driver.

MBTA bus driver cited by police -, Salem, MA

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