Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Salem's Last Road" September 2007 Update

Bypass Road Diary 9-25-2007 008, originally uploaded by dmoisan.

So far as I know, the Salem Bypass Road is on time for opening next summer. This is a view of Bridge St. @ St. Peter, the southern end of the road.

Note the pedestrian. This intersection is currently the widest in Salem, though this will change soon. The solid red line indicates where Bridge St. will be relocated; it will be jogged 100 feet to the NW to meet the new road. Even with that, the spot that that woman is crossing will be five lanes wide.

I have definite mixed feelings about this as a pedestrian. Instead of the very congested, but managable Bridge St. to cross, there is now a wide river of road between my building and the train station.


Anonymous said...

Hey David -

One question I have been trying to figure out is whether or not this new road means that Bridge St as it currently stands will no longer have the traffic coming from Beverly. What happens between the Avalon Development and the 99??

I can't find any information on this... Do you know?

Many thanks,


David Moisan said...

Bridge St. will not be affected. If you come from the north from the bridge, you will have a fork. Straight ahead will be the new road. Left will be existing Bridge St. just as it is now.